Communication is highly overrated~ (willfor_iv) wrote,
Communication is highly overrated~

Okay, now that the standard period that should have been buyer's remorse is over with (a week), and it never was anything except my favorite thing, this is my new favorite thing. I got it used and they gave me a discount since it was missing its whammy bar, but a $1,000~ guitar for half the price is not bad at all... By the way, I love EMGs. Before, the piano used to drown me out if I was playing anywhere near the range it was being played at. Now it can only drown me out around the same exact key... (I realise there are plenty of ways around it with passive pickups, but they tend to involve experimentation that I haven't had a chance to do yet. Not in the middle of church. >_>)

The only unfortunate thing is that it's hard to make the guitar QUIET. It wants to roar. It wants me to make it sing. Sing loudly. Flailing it in the air as I shred the most epic amounts of metal riffs ever heard between here and the moon. I... I just can't do that yet. D: I feel like I am letting it down.

Also, I'm not going to be the owner of four (4) guitars for very long. I'm selling my other Jackson to a guy around here for less than I could get for it because he needs a new guitar. My brother doesn't like the idea but \(O_o)/
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