Communication is highly overrated~ (willfor_iv) wrote,
Communication is highly overrated~

So I woke up today in the mood to get a little C# programming done. Today has been highly educational in that I learned exactly what I have been doing wrong with object oriented programming. Well, actually, I'm pretty sure I'm still doing a lot of stuff wrong. Luckily, this is just a hobby. What lies behind the cut is the progress I made.

It's got a lot of the general idea of the last election program I made. Or at least what I wanted the last election program to be like. It creates candidates who have ages, genders, and outlooks on issues. It creates voters who have ages, genders, and outlooks on the very same issues. They then vote, and it tallies everything up. It then ages everything 4 years (right now), checks to see if any of the councillors (including yourself) should have died, and then continues the whole process again.

Most of my time today was spent figuring out how I was going to do the mechanics of voting. I'm kind of still hoping to figure something better out in some of the places, but otherwise it is solid. It should be fairly easy to work around that now, and start working on making it so that you are not part of the council by default.

... and make it so that the council actually get elected in some fashion. >_>

Those 10 hours didn't seem that long...
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